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  • Toys That Rocked in 1992 (LOL)

    Posted by Average Joe

    Show your age by remembering these highlights from the infamous Sears Wish Book of the 1992 holiday season:

    The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles celebrated five years of selling figurines by issuing a collectors edition of Leonardo as a golden statue.

    For the organized VHS owner, a wood paneled Videotape Storage Case was a must-have.

    The Sound Machine was an early home DJ console for kids...including detachable microphone!

    Nickelodeon put a new swing on pool inner tubes by calling them "belly bumpers" and encouraging kids to run into each other while wearing them.

    Sarah Michelle Gellar starred in the semi-popular teen drama Swans Crossing, and in 1992 the shows play set made it on the Wish List.

    There's nothing like commemorating your favorite head-to-head battling show American Gladiators with the official play set and figurines.

    Crayola's line of vertical fish tanks were shaped like crayons, targeted towards kids, and pretty cramped for the fish.

    A hit with future NRA members, the SNES Super Scope was a light gun accessory for your favorite violent Super Nintendo games.

    Speaking of Super Nintendo, Mario Paint was a new game that let kids paint, create music, and animate from the comfort of their own home.

    Who wants a tree house when you can have a Deluxe Wood Cabin - an Abe Lincoln inspired clubhouse for you and your favorite neighborhood friends.

    Is there anything more fun than a police scanner? Like a huge walkie talkie with a long antenna, it just took a few turns on a knob to spy in on difficult to understand police chatter.

    Tic Tac Toss combined two beloved games - bean bags and tic tac toe.

    The Handheld Video Poker Game was fun for the whole family. Bet against yourself, bet against your friends - it's just good old fashioned gambling in the palm of your hand.

    Is there one missing from the list?

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  • CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Employees Throwing and Kicking iPads

    Posted by Average Joe


    A YouTube video has gone viral, showing three Wal-Mart employees throwing and kicking iPads around at a company warehouse (supposedly in Kentucky).

    At the start of the video, a man says, "This is why you don't buy an iPad from Wal-mart, and the iPad abuse begins.

    One worker slammed a tablet to the ground and said, "Oh, whoops, sorry about that iPad. Hope nobody buys that."

    The video already wracked up 378,198 views as of early Saturday.

    A rep for Wal-Mart has confirmed the men really were store employees.

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  • TIP TO LOOK AWESOME: How To Split an Apple Into Perfect Halves With Your Bare Hands

    Posted by Average Joe

    A video shows how to master the art of apple splitting.

    The clip went viral on YouTube with millions of views, and was posted by a dad in Oregon who calls himself Cobbler.

    It shows how he grips an apple and rips it apart with his bare hands, split in two perfect halves.


    Here's how you do it...

    Remove the stem, place the base of your thumbs into where the stem was.

    The rest of your fingers go around the apple and rest on the bottom of the apple.

    Your thumbs roll out and that is the force that will split the apple open.

    See the video HERE


  • Listen to Green Day's New Album FREE Here (The OTHER New Album)

    Posted by Average Joe

    Billie Joe Armstrong might be in rehab, but Green Day have plenty of stuff to release with their second new album in a about a month.

    We wish Billie the best, and hope he's back on the stage and takin' care of things soon.

    Do you think this one sounds better than "Uno"?

    Click HERE to listen!


  • VIDEO: Dancing With the Stars Co-Host Announces She Has Cancer

    Posted by Average Joe

    Brooke Burke-Charvet is battling cancer. 

    The "Dancing with The Stars" co-host posted a video message revealing she has thyroid cancer. 

    She said she had a nodule on her thyroid and after months of research and tests it was determined it was cancer. 

    Burke-Charvet will now need to have thyroid surgery and says she's going to have a nice big scar across her neck.

    ALl the best Brooke, you can pull through it!!

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  • Genital Inuiries

    Posted by Average Joe

    Hey, don't judge.  You clicked on it!

    Genital injuries send almost 16,000 men and women to emergency rooms every year.

    Bicycles, furniture and clothing are all blamed for the injuries, which can cause people physical, psychological and reproductive problems later on.

    The injuries happen almost twice as much as dental injuries and about the same as electrical and chemical burns.

     The injured body parts included penises, testicles, bladders, kidneys and external female genitalia, , among other things,.

    Overall, 142,143 injuries sent people to an emergency room over a nine-year period. That worked out to about 15,794 per year.

    Sporting items were the most common reason for injuries among people of all ages. These included bicycles as well as basketball, soccer, football and baseball equipment.


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  • PIC: Lady Gaga Topless (with coconuts)

    Posted by Average Joe

    Lady Gaga celebrated her trip to Brazil by showing off her topless body!

    Gaga caused a scene when she walked out completely topless. She covered her bits with a strategically placed coconut.

    Gaga was wearing just a pair of black briefs as she tried to cover her bottom half with a tiny towel.

    Source and more pics HERE

    Hold on to your coconuts!!


  • Finally! A REAL Reason to Put Off the Diet!

    Posted by Average Joe

    Taco Bell is announcing plans to expand its sweet treats menu.

    They'll be adding churros and cookie sandwiches to its current lineup of cinnamon twists and caramel apple empanadas.

    In the next few weeks, the fast food joint will also add "loaded grillers," which are nachos, chicken or loaded baked potato wrapped in a tortilla.

    There's a bigger plan to the new promotions--by early next year, Taco Bell plans to launch a "Happier Hour" TV ad campaign.

    Taco Bell will also sell more food, including a steak quesadilla, "XXL Steak Nachos" and a "smothered burrito" with red sauce.

    Like OMG!  This is all gonna' like go right to my thighs!

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  • Hahaha! The WORST Things That Can Pop Into Your Head During Sex...

    Posted by Average Joe

    Your Parents:

    Your parents having sex.

    Your parents as Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley as they appeared in the ‘83 video for "Uptown Girl."


    Movie Moments:

    Christian Bale in "American Psycho."

    The "Sunrise, Sunset" reprise in "Fiddler on the Roof."

    The second "Sex and the City" movie.



    Other, hotter people you've had sex with.


    What bizarre thoughts have ruined the moment for you?


  • Do You Have "Campaign Hangover"?

    Posted by Average Joe

    An expert says social media websites like Facebook can hurt and help "campaign hangover."

    "Campaign hangover" is the experience of winning, and messages that are gloating about the win can annoy those happy and unhappy with the election results.

    People generally feel like their online posts are anonymous since there is no face-to-face contact so they tend to forget the important communication skills of conflict resolution and empathy. 

    This has led to friends either blocking each other's posts or even unfriending others that have opposing views.


    *** But the websites also help people get over the hangover by posting their thoughts.

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  • YES! Playing Angry Birds Will Make You...

    Posted by Average Joe

    A new study finds that playing Angry Birds while at your desk at work could make you smarter -- and a better worker.

    Researchers found that playing the popular game can make people better problem solvers, more collaborative and less likely to give up.

    They say people should play the game four minutes every hour at work and it will make them more efficient

    Download it NOW?

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