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  • Delicious? A Bacon Taco Shell?

    Posted by Average Joe

    A restaurant in Philadelphia constructed a taco shell out of ...  bacon!

    PYT restaurant will sell bacon taco shell tacos for a limited time. The burger joint will only make 20 bacon tacos per day, probably because the shells take some work to make.

    PYT's Facebook page explains that the tacos are filled with: "a taco seasoned beef burger, shredded cheddar & pepper jack cheese, shredded lettuce, fresh pico de gallo and an avocado & cilantro ranch sauce."

    PYT employees can take credit for being the first fast-casual restaurant to serve a bacon taco shell, but they aren't the first people to come up with the idea. In fact, the bacon taco has been popular in the blogosphere for quite some time now. A quick search online found a bunch of different blog posts with pictures and directions for making a bacon taco shell.


    ** One site,, suggests making the Bacos (their special name for the bacon tacos) by weaving a bacon shell out of raw bacon and then baking it in the oven over easily constructed homemade aluminum foil molds.


  • PIC! The Most Bootylicious Woman In The World...

    Posted by Average Joe

    A 420-pound mother of four from Los Angeles has the widest hips in the world…  measuring 8ft in circumference.

    She is comfortable with her shape. The 39-year-old says she sees no reason to diet because she doesn't have health problems.

    The woman drives a truck because she can't fit into a car. At home, she has to sit in steel-supported chairs and sleeps on a 7ft-wide bed.

    Her husband finds her unusual shape sexy and tells her every day just how beautiful she is. Others think so, too. She models for a Big Beautiful Women website and earns up to 1000 dollars per shoot.


  • PICS! Have You Done "Te'oing" Yet?

    Posted by Average Joe

    The hoax involving the nonexistent girlfriend of Notre Dame star Manti Te'o now gets its own meme.Guys are posting photos of themselves with an arm wrapped around ... nothing.

    ...and here's ME:

  • Here's Proof Facebook Might Be Over...

    Posted by Average Joe

    Facebook may have finally hit its peak.

    According to MarketWatch, the number of Americans using Facebook fell by almost 1.4 million in early December.

    Experts think Facebook is possibly getting to a point where the "less engaged" part of the audience doesn't visit every 30 days. That means the social network has very little room to grow.

    Facebook still has more than 1 billion users worldwide and 167 million in the United States alone, so they can afford to lose 1.4 million.

    The question is what will happen if a loss like that becomes regular?

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  • 25 Crazy and Scary Things Found on Travelers By the TSA

    Posted by Average Joe

    These travelers are the reason why we all need to be patted-down, swabbed, searched, and x-rayed.

    Here are 25 weird things people actually tried to bring on planes.

    • Yes, snakes on a plane. Someone tried to bring dead, venemous snakes with them.
    • Saw blades tucked in an iPad.
    • A gassed-up chainsaw.
    • Thousands of loaded guns.
    • A grenade being passed as a paperweight.
    • Grenades being passed as just grenades.
    • Weed inside a jar of peanut butter.
    • Flasks filled with black powder.
    • Cannonballs.
    • A stun gun.
    • IED explosives.
    • An IED, shaped like a watch.
    • An old fashioned powder horn.
    • A chastity belt.
    • Samuri swords.
    • Almost 200 live fish.
    • A knife mounted to a walker.
    • Throwing stars.
    • A replica of historical artillery.
    • Replica mines.
    • A VCR containing 23 smart phones, individually wrapped in tin foil.
    • A grenade launcher. Though the grenade was not included.
    • A can of mace meant to take down a bear.
    • Wire garrot.
    • A pistol hidden inside...Mickey Mouse.
  • Are You A Same-Sider??

    Posted by Average Joe

    Are you a same-sider? That's restaurant lingo for a couple who decide to sit on the same side of the table as opposed to sitting across from each other when they go out to eat.

    Same-siders tend to signal to your waitress that you are going to be a troublesome table. Apparently these couples are more common to linger at tables, and sitting on the same side can cause seating difficulties for other tables around them.

    Also difficult to the people around you? Apparently they think you look awkward and creepy sitting next to their date instead of across from them.


    What about when a server sits down at your table and takes your order? 


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  • Look What Celebrity Was Caught Barfing On A Plane...

    Posted by Average Joe

    A vomiting Tony Danza freaked out several passengers, including model Kate Upton, in first class aboard an American Airlines flight to New York from Los Angeles this weekend.

    Danza was spotted barfing into a paper bag during the flight.

    A source told the NY Post that Danza explained he caught the flu "from his grandson or something." Some passengers tried to switch seats, as to not catch his germs, though Upton stayed put.

    One flier said, "I feel bad for him, but stay home if you are sick".

    A friend of Danza confirmed he had a "24-hour stomach bug" but is "doing much better."

    Where's Alyssa Milano to nurse him back to health??

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  • Heather Graham's Bathtub Candles Start Fire In Her Apartment

    Posted by Average Joe

    Heather Graham

    Heather Graham escaped when fire broke out at her New York apartment.

    Firefighters were called Saturday night after candles around her bathtub ignited a pile of clothes that were left nearby.

    Firefighters spent 45 minutes putting out the flames before Graham was allowed to return home.


    By the way, actor Zach Braff reportedly owns an apartment on the floor below Graham's property.

    Sooooooooo...was there a robe near by or........?

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  • If You're Sick...You MIGHT Have This Disease?

    Posted by Average Joe

    Flu season started early-- during the first week of December -- instead of the first week of January and it's only supposed to get worse from here.

    There are three different versions of the flu going around right now - influenza called H3N2, whooping cough and a stomach virus that causes diarrhea, puking and cramping.

    These three illnesses are not related to each other - just a perfect storm of different strains hitting at the same time.

    29 states are reporting higher levels of these cases and 18 children have already died this season.

    Many are calling this years flu an "epidemic" and the city of Boston has issued a public health emergency.

    Some are being diagnosed with "Winter Vomiting Disease"  BLARF...

    How ya' feelin'?

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  • The Strangest Job Interview Questions of 2012 (LOVE IT)

    Posted by Average Joe

    Careers website Glassdoor collects the most common questions asked at interviews to help job seekers prepare and they put a list of the strangest questions asked last year. 

    One associate consultant candidate at Bain & Co was asked to, "Estimate how many windows are in New York."

    A research associate candidate at Forrester Research was asked, "If you were to get rid of one state in the US, which would it be and why?"

    And a managerial candidate at Living Social was asked to perform their favorite song during the interview. 

    Other Strange Questions:

    - "A penguin walks through that door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?" - Asked at Clark Construction Group, office engineer candidate.

    - "Can you say: 'Peter Pepper Picked a Pickled Pepper' and cross-sell a washing machine at the same time?" - Asked at MasterCard, call center candidate.

    - "Name 3 previous Nobel Prize winners." - Asked at BenefitsCONNECT, office manager candidate.

    - "What do you think about when you are alone in your car?" - Asked at Gallup, associate analyst candidate.


    I've never had one even CLOSE to one of these!  Have you?!

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  • The Weirdest Things Left At Hotels Are...

    Posted by Average Joe

    A set of breast implants was one of the most unusual items left behind by hotel guests last year at the Travelodge chain of hotels—in the UK.

    Some of the other items included a Persian Chinchilla kitten worth about $975.

    A guest who was attending a fish festival left behind a bucket of live crabs. Someone also forgot a pet python and a micro pig.

    There were also other items like a Rolex watch, a set of false teeth with diamonds, the original Harry Potter wand that was used in the "Harry Potter" films and an 8-foot pop-up spray tanning booth.

    The women who left the spray tan booth behind were so busy "nursing their hangovers" that they forgot they had left it.

    One of the most popular items left behind? Teddy bears: 76,500 of them.

    "Fifty Shades of Grey" was the most popular book left behind, with 7,000 copies.

    As for those implants, the guest was on her way to a cosmetic operation. She had bought the implants and left them in her room.

    Soooo...was it YOU that left these things behing? ;)

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