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Hozier explains Take me to Church

by Jay Morris

So the first interview for Lollapalooza Friday was with Hozier, or as his handler called him Andrew.

Had to apologize for mispronouncing his name, it is not Hozer, like in the movie Strange Brew

It is Ho Zier... He pronounces it much better than I write it.

When I asked him about the song Take me to Church his face lit up, and he explained what it was all about. "It is about how organizations, like the church undermine what is like to be human" Hozier also went on to say the song has been interpreted differently by everyone he speaks to.

He is geeked to be in Chicago, huge fan of Chicago blues. Makes sense when you listen to his music.

His major disappointment for the day was he had to leave right after his set to play a festival in Ireland tomorrow.

Listen to the entire interview here!