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Does It Really Matter If Flea Was Plugged in During the Superbowl?

by Jay Morris

In a story that I first saw fansided.com . Flea and John Klingenhoffer are being accused of playing "air guitar" on Sunday. 


Now it certainly looks like his bass isn't plugged into anything, and no wires either. 

Flea tweeted that ""No trickery. No choice, but no trickery." yesterday. 

The big question is does this really matter. Look it was the most watched Superbowl halftime show ever, in my mind it was actually looked and sounded good, and what I read into Flea's tweet is he didn't have a choice to play plugged in. Something tells me that if it were his choice he would have. 

For me this issue is a non issue. Now had they been the feature act rather than the "special guest" maybe I'd throw a flag on this, but seeing they were on stage for all of about 3:00 I say let it go.