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5 Must Hear Songs This Weekend

by Jay Morris

Butch Walker Coming Home: On first listen has a Phil Phillips vibe to it, after looking him up found out he was the the lead guitarist for the metal band SouthGang. 

Haerts Wings: Another band from Brooklyn, seems to be a hot bed for indie pop right now. Catchy song, like what looks like a homemade video. 

Mas Ysa Why: real name Thomas Arsenault, he is a Canadian musician, composer and visual artist. Oh course only a Canadian would have hockey in the video. 

ZZ Ward Last Love Song: Loved the first single from the album, this is a great change of pace from 'put the gun down' really shows off how great her voice is. 

Beck Blue Moon: AWESOME! I was really blown away by this song. First single from new album Morning Phase. It is stripped down, old sounding Beck.