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5 Must Hear Songs This Weekend

by Jay Morris

Kongos- Come with me now: Band is from South Africa. Four members are brothers. Growing up in Wisconsin, I heard a ton of polkas, I will say this may be one of the coolest accordion parts I have ever heard. 

Brick+Mortar- Locked in a cage:The band is from New Jersey. This has been a song I have been listening to for a while. Got a killer groove, had my head bobbing while I listened.  

Tame Impala- Feels like we only go backwards: Second single from Lonerism. This one sort of channels Jon Lennon. Which most likely is why I like it. 

Baywood- Gotta get you: Low rent video, yes. Great song, yes! Loving the do,do,do sing along.

 Washed out- All I know : Washed Out is a stage name for Ernest Greene. This is from his second album Paracosm. It is jus a dreamy song, that once you hear, is impossible to get out of your head.