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5 Must Hear Songs This Weekend

by Jay Morris

In looking for new music to play this week I found 5 great new songs that you need to hear this weekend: 

Boy & Bear Southern Sun- Let's face it after the week of weather we have just had a little southern sun. 

Parade of Lights We're the Kids- Has a distinct MGMT feel to this song, in fact this is the song I wish MGMT would have had on their most recent album. 

Itch Hopeless Romantic - I really shouldn't like this song, but I can't get it out of my head. Really hook filled, and fun. 

Sleeper Agent Waves- This is NOT what i expected from Sleeper Agent. I liked the bands last album, and was quite surprised by the different sound of this record. This is not a negative, I think this is the best song they have ever done. 

Basic Vacation I Believe- This song has been out for a few months, but I recently re discovered it. Great song, could be a big year for this band.