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5 Reasons to See Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. at The Loft in February

by Mars

1. Their live show is a treat. Team Coco thought so, too.

I've seen them live a few different times and I keep coming back for more. And yes, they bring those giant, flashing letter blocks with them everywhere. And usually a lot more lights. And confetti. It's awesome. 

2. They're from Michigan; and they're proud of it.


3. They're really talented musicians, and when they strip their music down, it's almost even better.

4. This picture of them exists.


5. Their frontman Daniel Zott was in Arrested Development and can probably get us a download of the beta version of Faceblock after the show if we ask nicely.


Have I convinced you yet?! Tickets go on-sale FRIDAY at www.fusionshows.com and they WILL be going fast. Don't sleep on this one; you'll  be seeing us on the dance floor! 

Photos courtesy of Pop Matters, Under The Radar Magazine, Higher Ground Music, and Paste Magazine.